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For quality Swiss products and services

Swiss-made products and services are a byword for competence, quality, tradition and a down-to-earth approach both at home and abroad – values recognised by Swiss Label, the association for the promotion of Swiss products and services. We offer companies the opportunity to apply the crossbow label to their products and services and thus establish a connection to Switzerland in a simple yet appealing way. 

Members of Swiss Label manufacture a certain percentage of their products and services exclusively in Switzerland. This is important because it allows us to guarantee that the products and services bearing our label meet the Swiss quality standards.  

Every year, Swiss Label carries out several quality assurance checks to ensure the quality of our members’ products and services. Through marketing campaigns in conjunction with members or cooperation partners, we offer a platform where companies can not only showcase themselves but also interact with each other.


Year founded
Swiss Label has been promoting Swiss quality for over 100 years.

Brand names

Swiss Label protects your Swiss-made products and services.


Export countries
Our label is trademarked in various countries.


Over 1,000 companies from all over Switzerland place their trust in Swiss Label.


Membership of Swiss Label brings many advantages.

Trademark protection

The crossbow label is protected by national and international trademark law.


Swiss Label
is recognised in
24 countries.

Competitive advantage

Swiss Label membership helps you stand out from the competition.

Swiss quality

With Swiss Label, you set a great example of Swiss quality at home and abroad.


Swiss Label offers a broad network of members for professional exchange.


Our brand stands for tradition and gives you an edge with customers.


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